Our Spiritual Community

Our task must be to free ourselves … by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.

– Albert Einstein

When you come to CSL Bellingham, you may hear people refer to “our spiritual community” – a lot! That’s because we are very committed to creating a community of true spiritual support and kindness. We know that when people receive tools for spiritual living, they can do more for others and help create a world that works for everyone. So we are excited about community-building and connection. Would you like more information about the Center and are looking for way to be spiritually uplifted?

Here are some links that may be helpful:

General Information / Event Registration  – CSL Bellingham Office at info@cslbellingham.org

Spiritual Education/Offerings – Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo

Prayer Requests – Prayer Practitioners or online prayer request

You will find belonging and connection here in a community where people engage deeply with each other.

Join one of the many soul-enriching GROUPS at the Center where you are supported and accepted. Your spiritual journey is as unique as you are. Share your journey with others and create new lasting relationships.

Congregational Support

It’s Okay to Ask for Help. A Prayer Practitioner or volunteer is ready to help when a request is made.

Sacred Circles

Be involved with a group of people exploring spiritual ideas.

Support and Growth

Classes and workshops offer spiritual support on the path for self-discovery.

Making A Difference

A focus on local communities is where we impact lives.

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