How We Serve The Greater Community

Love laundry

We have chosen to focus our outreach service in the areas that assist those experiencing homelessness. We started by looking at areas of great need that were unfulfilled in our area. That’s how our “Love Laundry” program came in to being. 

Love Laundry offers laundry services at a local laundromat to those experiencing homelessness. Tickets are provided through our partnership with the Opportunity Council. The program began in 2016 and has served hundreds of people. 

Family Promise

We followed that by joining the good folks of the Interfaith Coalition in a new program called “Family Promise.” This program lifts families out of the streets and into temporary housing providing meals, services and support in finding jobs and permanent housing. Our spiritual community provides meal kits four times a year with our wonderful partner organization, St. Paul’s Episcopal.

Cake Brigade
Care Cookies

Our most recent addition to our outreach efforts are two programs that reach to those in homeless camps and those isolated elsewhere. A team of bakers provide a personalized birthday cake to young adults who are homeless in an effort we call the “Cake Brigade.”

In addition, different bakers whip up batches of high protein, high fat cookies that are often the only meal many have in their day. These are the “Care Cookies” bakers.

And newest in our efforts are the cooks who provide hot meals that are packed into remote areas to not just feed folks but attempt to connect them to much needed services. “Bridges to Services” is our partner in this endeavor.

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