Core Values Statement

We believe that Spirit operates in, through and as, all things; therefore, our community holds these 3 core values.

We honor all paths that lead to Spirit.

To this end we –

  • Celebrate spiritual teachings from many of the world spiritual traditions in our Sunday Services, our classes and in workshops.
  • Make space on our campus for diverse spiritual groups to meet.
  • Actively support Interfaith Coalition.
  • Engage in a county-wide spiritual initiative. “Let Love Be Our Legacy.”

We are committed to spiritual support for all individuals, all families, all gender identification, sexual orientation, race identification, socioeconomic status in our spiritual community and the greater community in which we live.

To this end we –

  • Offer adult and youth spiritual education.
  • Offer spiritual retreats.
  • Offer uplifting and inspiring Sunday Services.
  • Provide podcasts.
  • Connect people and organizations that support spiritual growth.
  • Provide a “Welcome Team” on Sundays for newcomers to receive support and information.
  • Host an annual Mind, Body, Spirit Fair and Day of Healing to support the greater community of healers and spiritual teachings as well as our own community.
  • Provide practitioner prayer support.
  • Provide ministerial spiritual counseling.
  • Provide congregational support including hospital visitation, home visits, meals and physical support.
  • Offer laundry and meal services to those experiencing homelessness.
  • Partner with local agencies to support our greater community in healing and resolving the societal issues we all face.

We are committed to being responsive stewards of our land, our center, our finances, and to living more mindfully upon the Earth as a community.

To this end we –

  • Practice sustainability, recycling and green-built construction.
  • Offer organic produce that we grow to our local Food Bank.
  • Offer organic gardening workshops.
  • Offer acres of forest with public access walking trails.
  • Continue to look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and align with practices that enhance the Earth’s well-being.
  • We create an annual budget and review it throughout the year.
  • We practice financial transparency with our community making the decisions we have made on behalf on the community clear and understandable.
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