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At the Center for Spiritual Living Bellingham, we practice a form of affirmative prayer called “Spiritual Mind Treatment.” Affirmative prayer is a powerful process that shifts our consciousness so that we are open and available to accepting the good that is already present in our lives.

The Center offers a convenient way to ask for spiritual support: online prayer requests. Your prayer request is sent to our Licensed Prayer Practitioners, who are here to support and serve you.

The moment you decide to seek a greater experience, the healing begins. Complete the online prayer request form below. Know that your prayer request and any personal information will be kept entirely confidential.


Prayer Pactitioners are specifically trained to help you with affirmative prayer (Spiritual Mind Treatment). They treat for the one requesting prayer. If your prayer request is for someone else, permission is required by that person; otherwise the practitioner will treat for you.

If you would like additional prayer support, please contact a Licensed Prayer Practitioner for a full session. Suggested full-session price is $45 for one hour.

How We Pray

A Spiritual Mind Treatment, or an affirmative prayer, is a prayer that declares a Spiritual Truth. It is a recognition of Spirit’s Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence, as well as a realization of humanity’s unity with Spirit. This treatment is a powerful method for setting the Creative Process in motion.

It is a direct, focused and organized method using five steps to get to your desired outcome:

  1. Recognition (God Is All There Is)
  2. Unification (I Am One with God)
  3. Realization (Accepting Your Desired Good)
  4. Thanksgiving (Grateful Acceptance) and
  5. Release (Let Go, Let God)

June Prayer: Contemporary Violence and Inner Peace

Universal Consciousness guides the energy of everything into the creation of all experience. It expresses Itself as Peace and Love in all things.

It expresses Itself through me, as me. I am an expression of Love and Peace.

Through my quiet inner intuition I access Wisdom beyond rational thought.

Where there is darkness, I sow Light. I stand in the Light of Divine Wisdom and Love, knowing that all is well. I go deep within, to that silent, solid place of Peace that is always present beneath the noise of human turmoil. I stand firm on that rock, with Faith in my knowledge of Divine Love and Wisdom. I see no stranger. I see every human as a unique individual on their own path. I see through the eyes of Love, as Spirit sees. And all is well.

It brings me Joy knowing this. I am grateful for this understanding.

I release these words into the Law of Cause and Effect, knowing it is done. And so it is.

Francine Kitchen, RScP

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