We LOVE Music at CSL Bellingham

Our music program is inspirational, heartfelt and fun! We believe music can take us to the deepest heart of our spiritual experience in a different way than words do.

Our director, Taber Darland, leads an array of very gifted musicians who are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of joy and spirituality through music.

Our musicians are supported by a wonderful group of sound techs who work diligently to enhance the musical experience. Sunday service podcasts are available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Android and Spotify.

Taber Darland

Taber Darland

Music Director

Taber brings more than 20 years of musical, performing, and leadership experience to CSL-Bellingham. Their passion for creating and delivering music that is current, authentic, energetic and uplifting is evident at every Sunday celebration service.

When Taber is not leading music at CSL, you can find them performing with local indie folk duo, The Sweet Goodbyes, or facilitating Toddler and Preschool Music Classes throughout Bellingham. Taber also recently released their 5th studio recording “There’s a Calling” which has quickly gained attention throughout the nation for its heartful, inspired, and spiritually-infused songs.

For more information about our music program at CSL-Bellingham, contact Taber Darland at bellinghamcslmusic@gmail.com

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