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Our spiritual leadership is here to serve you on your journey of awakening. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.

Reverend Doctor Andrea Asebedo

Reverend Doctor Andrea Asebedo

Senior Minister

The Reverend Doctor Andrea Asebedo is our Senior Minister here in Bellingham. She brings a wealth of experience to our spiritual community and under her leadership our community is flourishing. A noted story teller as well as a student of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr. Andrea has served in ministry for over 35 years.

Dr. Andrea also performs numerous ceremonies including weddings, commitment ceremonies, memorials and christenings. Feel free to contact her at andreaasebedo@att.net

Reverend Colleen MacGilchrist

Reverend Colleen MacGilchrist

Minister Emeritus

Reverend Colleen MacGilchrist is the founding minister and Minister Emeritus of our Center where she served as Senior Minister for ten years. She is a former school teacher, residential designer and building contractor, as well as the Administrative Minister and Dean of Holmes Institute CSL-Seattle. A dynamic speaker and gifted teacher, she resides on Lummi Island with her husband Bob.

Reverend Zina Kacha

Reverend Zina Kacha

Senior Minister

Reverend Zina Kacha joined the CSL Bellingham Community in 2022. She has been actively involved with Centers for Spiritual Living for 25 years, first as a practitioner and most recently as a licensed Minister. She is deeply devotional and feels her mission in life is to help those she serves by teaching about the loving nature of Spirit. Her background includes having earned a Bachelor in Psychology, Master in Organization Development and a Master in Consciousness Studies. She is an entrepreneur and finds great pleasure in sharing stories about the human potential for freedom. She is a teacher of the Science of Mind principles and practices, speaker, and writer. She resides in Bellingham WA with her partner Patti and their two dogs Fairmont and Molli.


What is a Practitioner? A Science of Mind Prayer Practitioner is a licensed spiritual support person trained to perform affirmative prayer for others. A Practitioner is dedicated to using this gift to uplift, heal and support your spiritual journey. Like other professionals in the healing arts, Practitioners typically charge for their services for one-on-one sessions, but no one is ever turned away due to lack of funds.

Contact a Practitioner if you are in need of inspiration, celebration of a major event and/or healing in any area of your life.

Prayer requests can be made several ways:

Fill out a prayer request form at Center in the Sanctuary.
Click here to complete an online prayer request.
Contact one of our Licensed Professional Practitioners below.

Kit Zinn, RScP

Kit Zinn has been a practitioner since 2012. She received her training through Centers for Spiritual Living in Seattle, Edmonds and Bellingham.

One of the joys of being a practitioner is seeing the magnificence, empowerment and joy that radiates from each person as they reconnect with who and what they truly are.

Knowing that prayer always works, she offers herself as practitioner in support of your greater, freer, fuller expression of Life – as you choose it to be.


Ronna Biggs, RScP

Ronna Biggs has been a practitioner since 2012. She received her training from Dr. Jaine Ryder and Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo in Bellingham, Washington. She is also an active student and teacher of mindfulness and meditation.

Being a Practitioner is a great joy and it is an honor to serve in ways that know, reveal and affirm the Good of God for and within each person and our community.

She gladly offers Practitioner services to support your spiritual journey in an abundant and loving universe.



Terrie Dupuis, RScP (Practitioner Emeritus)

Terrie Dupuis has been a practitioner since 1993. She received her training from Dr. David Walker in Los Angeles, California. One of the things she loves best about being a practitioner is seeing the unfolding good in people’s lives as they grow in their awareness of the truth of who and what they really are: Expressions of the good of God. She gladly offers her practitioner services so that you, too, may experience the joy of knowing the truth demonstrated in your life.

Joanne Allison, RScP

Joanne Allison completed her practitioner studies with Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo in 2016. Her background is in the medical field as well as complementary medicine and energy work. Her passion is in recognizing and connecting with the indwelling Spirit. As she does this for herself, she offers it to others through teaching and affirmative prayer. For Joanne, it brings deep joy to see the Divine spark in each person, as Spirit expresses through them in an ever-expanding way, to live the life they choose. She offers her prayers and teachings of Principle to anyone seeking to transform their lives.


Heidi Ruth Dittrich, RScP

Heidi had the honor of studying with Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo to complete her practitioner training in 2016. After two-plus careers, diverse life experiences, a deep commitment to spiritual exploration, and many years away, Heidi was thrilled to finally come back to Bellingham and find her beloved spiritual home and family there waiting for her — the CSL Bellingham community.

“What I love about being a practitioner is seeing how, through affirmative prayer and a practice of letting go of the old stories, we can all come back home to our true selves. What a thrill and a relief it is when we recognize our own wholeness and when we wake up to our spiritual nature.”



Kalish Leviel, RScP

Kalish completed her practitioner studies with Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo, in Bellingham in 2016. She is also a Rabbi and loves how the teachings of Science of Mind and Judaism are often identical, just with slight wording variations. She is here on this planet at this moment in time to share her Light and there is no better, nor faster, way than through Prayer, aka Spiritual Mind Treatment. Feel free to contact her to assist you in your new choices / decisions as you bring more of yourself into your Life.


Francine Kitchen, RScP

Francine has been a member of CSLB since 1999 and has served on the Board of Trustees multiple times. She studied a psychological form of Buddhism for 10 years. Since 2020 she is a licensed practitioner trained by Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo.

“I am very grateful to have studied to become a Science of Mind practitioner with Dr. Andrea, and I love applying these SOM principles to issues that we encounter. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of a practitioner session, you’ll be glad you did. We will apply SOM principles to whatever your current issues might be. Change your mind and change your life.

“I would love to show you how we connect to Spirit and open to the flow of Divine energy. I am inspired by the book “Becoming Supernatural,” by Dr. Joe Dispenza, which explains the science upon which these principles are based, as well as providing very practical guided meditations for awakening a spiritual consciousness.“

Phillip Flores, RScP

In 2020, Phillip completed his prayer practitioner training with Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo at the Center for Spiritual Living Bellingham. He has been a member of the CSL-Bellingham community, has served on the Board of Trustees, and volunteers in multiple service teams.

“Being a Prayer Practitioner affirms in me that Divine Love operates though me, in me, with me, as me – and as you. Oneness is the Truth of who we truly are.”

Andrea Wood, RScP

Andrea completed her practitioner training under Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo in 2020. She has been a member of CSL since 2015, and has served on the Board of Trustees. Andrea enjoys the connection and alignment with Spirit that is inherent in Spiritual Mind Treatment. For Andrea, there is great joy and peace in supporting people by knowing the highest truth and the vast storehouse of good that is available to all sacred humans through their oneness with Spirit. Andrea is also a CPA and serves Whatcom County as a business consultant.

Susan Jancic, RScP

Susan completed her practitioner studies in 2020 with Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo. Susan has served on the CSL Bellingham Board of Trustees, and volunteers in several capacities at CSL, as well as serving as a liaison to Interfaith Coalition. Susan is honored and overjoyed to be in sacred service embracing and celebrating the creative, ever-evolving, ever expanding loving and vibrant life of the Divine in and through all that is.

Wanda Maddox, RScP

In 2020, Wanda completed the 2-year Professional Practitioner Studies program under the direction of Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo.

In July, 2014, I was introduced to CSL-Bellingham and immediately enrolled in an 8-week class starting in September: Science of Mind 101. It was a life-changing experience! Over the next three years I took 10 more classes and then began the two years of Practitioner Studies. Never before have I experienced such dramatic spiritual growth and evolvement! I am deeply grateful for the support, encouragement and love shared with my CSL-Bellingham Family throughout these six years together.

I feel joy bubbles within my entire being, as I eagerly look forward to opportunities to support the growth and evolvement of each of us knowing the Truth of Oneness and living fresh, solid, and free to be all that we truly are!

Deb Dole, RScP

Deb Dole completed her practitioner training in 2020 under Rev. Dr. Andrea Asebedo.

I have lived in Western Washington for 35 years and began taking classes at CSL Bellingham in 2012. The teachings have had a profound impact on my life. I know that by becoming more aware of the truth of who I am, by consciously choosing my thoughts, I can take responsibility for my life. I always have a choice. All of us – we are the co-creators of our life experience.

Many words describe my life: biologist and teacher, artist, musician, friend, mother, wife, band director, art teacher, hiker, volunteer, writer, and lots of others. It is this variety of life experiences, combined with the training required to become a licensed Professional Practitioner – that prepares me to meet you where you are and explore spiritual principles and how they play out in your life.

My passion involves the intersection of art, music, writing, movement and meditative practices with spirituality.

Katherine Wingerter., RScP

I have been a student of The Science of Mind for over 15 years. In 2016, I completed Practitioner Studies at Center for Spiritual Living in Bellingham, WA and earned my license. My favorite part of being a Practitioner is sharing a divine connection to Spirit with other people through prayer.

As a Practitioner, I also teach classes and workshops. One of my favorite feelings is the ‘aha’ of understanding when a concept suddenly makes sense. I love to share this with others.

In September of 2019 I began ministerial studies through the Center in Kelowna, BC and through Holmes Institute. During this time of study, I am also pursuing a Masters in Consciousness.

I also volunteer with the neighborhood teen group that my son attends. My family and I like to walk in the woods and by the river on the weekends. I am a writer, filmmaker, and website designer.

Michael Tatlock, RScP

Michael became a Practitioner at SpiritWorks Center for Spiritual Living, in 2019, under the guidance of Rev. Cliff Rubin and the Rev. Tricia Klink.

He has worked extensively as an actor, director and writer in the Los Angeles area and has begun to divide his time between his husband Tim and their dog, Winston between LA and Bellingham. Michael is excited to learn and grow as a Practitioner and assist others in the discovery of their evolution and attainment of their desires through the use of Science of Mind principles.

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