Earth Stewards Call for Creativity in Community

Living Sculptures in Sacred Interrelationship with the Earth

Apply to create an Earth Altar on the CSL Bellingham Walking Trails.

Applications Due June 30!
Notifications of selections by CSL Earth Stewards on July 14.

The Walking Trails at CSL Bellingham are open to everyone throughout the year.

The CSL Earth Stewards would like to invite a community creation of Earth altars along the Walking Trails at the Center.

Applications are being taken through June 30, for visual outdoor art pieces that could include many sense experiences, evoke feelings of hope and renewal and serve as windows into the interconnectedness of nature and sacred humans. We invite participation from anyone, or any group – friends/family, organization, school or a collective.

Applications are due June 30 and may be submitted using the online form on this webpage. Final installation ceremony will take place on Sunday, September 29, 2024 at Noon.

For information, contact Board of Trustees Vice President Steve Larsen via email.


  • Your living sculpture would be able to be installed with integrity with the earth, trees, mosses, stones. No clearcutting spaces. Doesn’t impede trail but is in relationship to it.
  • Welcoming, inspiring, learning, growing/changing, interactive.
  • Made with recycled/reused materials. Non toxic/safe.
  • Permanent-ish (built with the intention to last at least a year outdoors).
  • Aligns with the theme.


  • Find a group and idea, sketch out a rough draft (focus on inspiration and intent).
  • Look at CSL trail map, or ideally, walk trail to find your ideal location. Mark this on map, with orientation points (what’s important to you, like “next to big stump at intersection at the turn around point of the trail, or arch over start of trail, or bench between 2 large cedars”).
  • Fill out application, attach sketch and map.
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